Oven Cleaning London

oven-cleaningAll removable parts of your oven will be disassembled and dipped in a cleaning solution for dissolving the grease and food stains. The hob elements, grates, trays and fans will be taken apart and cleaned separately, before being assembled back.

After that the outer surfaces of the oven will be cleaned.

The oven door will be polished from all grease and food stains on both sides after taking apart its glass panels, if it’s possible. The glass panels will be scoured well and rid of all grime and dirty marks.


The process of oven cleaning,includes these consistent stages:

  • Applying strong, but harmless for your health cleaning detergent for removing all stains
  • Using a non-toxic detergent for overall cleaning of your oven from all the grease and grime,left on the inside and outside surface of your oven
  • Final wiping and drying of your oven for keeping it in a clean condition, without any dangers of breakdowns and damages


Price list of our Oven Cleaning Services in London

Kitchen Cleaning Price
Single Oven Cleaning £50 £45
Double Oven Cleaning £80 £70
Extractor Cleaning £18 £15
Cooker Hob Cleaning £17 £15
Fridge Cleaning £65 £60

Guaranteed Results

Whether you need domesticoven-cleaning3 oven cleaning in your kitchen or a professional oven cleaning for the kitchen of your restaurant, you can rely on our skilled oven cleaning specialists. They will make your oven sparkling clean. We are available in Plaistow and Islington.

The inside and outside surfaces of your oven will be cleaned till they shine. Your oven will be deep cleaned and made impeccable, without any residue of grease, stains and food particles. Find our services in North Kensington, Forest Gate and Tooting.

Advanced cleaning equipment

Our cleaning staff uses only non-caustic preparations and solutions to clean and disinfect your oven, without creating your health problems.

After re-mounting your oven it will be polished once again for better final results. You can be sure that Main Cleaners will look after the clean condition of your oven the best possible way. Our oven cleaning services are provided on very affordable price after reserving them by phone or using our website. Book our services and you will be very happy.