Mattress Cleaning London

mattress-cleaning1We have been providing mattress cleaning service in Greater London for such a long time that we have acquired the experience needed for handling any neglected mattress and bring its original, healthy condition back.

Our cleaning technicians are not randomly hired people but experienced and knowledgeable experts who know how to preserve your mattress and avoid any further damages.

In brief, every cleaning procedure consists of the following:

  • vacuuming
  • inspecting any visible spots and stains
  • applying steam or dry cleaning
  • deodorising and neutralising unpleasant odours
Domestic Services Price
Domestic Cleaning £19/h
One Off Cleaning £20/h
Mattress Cleaning from £35

The first thing our cleaning associatesmattress-cleaning2 will do is to remove all the debris from the mattress, inspect the stains and apply the most appropriate detergent for their removal. Then, the mattress will be thoroughly cleaned with modern and powerful equipment that gives the mites and bacteria no chance of survival.
Any bad smells will be neutralised and then, you will have an ideally clean, healthy and fresh – smelling place to sleep.

You might be delighted to know that you have just come across the best solution to your issues and now there is only one step you have to take in order to get rid of all the dirt and germs once and for good – get in touch with us and request a professional mattress cleaning service with us. Simple as that.

Mattress Cleaning in London from Main Cleaners

Don’t wait and book with us now. Main Cleaners guarantee that your will be able to tell the enormous difference before and after our interference really soon. Although you are probably unaware of all the threats the pollutants can pose, they are actually more dangerous than you might suppose. Let us eliminate them for you. Contact us now and ask our polite customer support about availability in your area. We work seven days a week and we are happy to provide our customers with top quality cleaning services at exceptionally low prices. It has never been more affordable to have your mattress professionally cleaned. Don’t miss such an irresistible offer!

  • Healthier Environment
  • Professional Steam Cleaning
  • High Quality Service

Understanding the Importance of a Professionally Cleaned Mattress

If you feel like it is time to deep clean your mattress, give our local cleaning agency in london a call and schedule an appointment with our local cleaners. The thorough cleaning of this item on a regular basis is of crucial importance. A professional cleaning team will efficiently eliminate dirt, grime, bacteria and germs, creating a safe and healthy sleeping space for you. The deep cleaning of this item is important, however, you will not be able to achieve such high-quality results as a professional cleaning team. For an exceptional cleaning service, reach out to us and book our service.

The Mattress Cleaning Process

When deep cleaning any mattress, our cleaners will follow a strict process which includes a number of steps to help them ensure the high quality of the final results. From the initial to the final inspection, everything will be carefully followed. We make sure that all stains, odours, grime, dirt and other issues are completely eliminated. Here is what to expect from our service:

  1. Inspection of the surface – Everything begins with a thorough inspection of the mattress and its condition. Information about the fabric and stain origin will help our local cleaners select the most suitable cleaning procedure.
  2. Vacuum Cleaning – Our professionals will use a professional vacuum cleaner to treat the surface of the mattress. By eliminating all surface dust and dirt particles, they will prepare the area for the actual cleaning process.
  3. Spot treatment and deep cleaning – The cleaning professionals will deep clean the surface next. They will use the cleaning method that suits the materials the best and achieve exceptional results. Stains will be additionally treated with spot remover.
  4. Deodorising and disinfection – The final step of each mattress cleaning service is the thorough disinfection and deodorising of the surface. Once we complete this step, you will be able to go right to sleep.

The Benefits of getting your mattress professionally cleaned

Getting your mattress professionally cleaned will bring you a lot of benefits. The surface will be a lot cleaner but the efficient cleaning methods our professional cleaners use, as well as their skills and knowledge, will help them achieve a lot more than simple stain removal. Find all the benefits you will receive from our professional mattress cleaning listed below:

  1. Better air quality

    The dust that collects on your mattress can seriously affect the air quality in your bedroom. A professional cleaning service like ours will achieve excellent results and help both air quality and circulation.

  2. Defeat allergies

    Our professional cleaners will eliminate all allergies, bacteria, and dust mites. This will lessen the likelihood of allergies, skin irritations, and respiratory problems, and transform your mattress into a safe and clean sleeping environment.

  3. Sleep better

    Your sleep quality will significantly improve once your mattress has been deep cleaned by our professionals.

  4. Prolong the lifespan of your mattress

    If you want to keep your mattress for longer, you must take good care of it – our professional cleaning service will do just that.

Safe and non-toxic cleaning solutions and techniques

In order to achieve high quality results but also keep you and your family members safe, we follow a specific cleaning process and always use specialised equipment, tools, products and methods. We utilise high quality products that are powerful against dirt and grime but do not contain harmful chemicals. They are completely harmless and safe for humans and pets. Our local cleaners will ensure that no grime or cleaning product residue has been left behind at the end of the service. Rest assured that our local cleaning agency in london will provide you with the best final results while not jeopardising your safety.

Stain removal and Efficient Odour Elimination

Our local cleaners will use efficient stain and odour elimination techniques (based on the origin of the issue at hand). They are effective against blood, urine, sweat, food and beverage discolouration and odours. The final results will be of the highest quality. We pay extra attention to this step of the process since it is of crucial importance to the final outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to get my mattresses deep cleaned?

Based on your lifestyle and personal needs, you may need to deep clean your mattress once every 8-12 months. If you are not sure about the perfect frequency of your cleaning appointments, ask our cleaning experts. They will advise you on what is best for your situation and will create a regular cleaning schedule, customised for you.

Are the cleaning products you use safe for babies?

Yes, all cleaning products and techniques we use are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and eco-friendly. The deep mattress cleaning we offer is suitable for babies and will even benefit your little one if you book the thorough cleaning of their mattress. If there are some specific allergies you or your baby have, please let us know and we will avoid using products that contain this substance.

How can I pay for my cleaning service?

You can pay using both cash or a bank transfer. Keep in mind that cash is paid once the cleaning service is complete, however, the bank transfer must be completed at least 12 hours prior to the actual appointment. Feel free to discuss your preferred payment option with your booking agent.

What cleaning methods do you use?

We use deep steam and dry-cleaning methods. The best one will be picked, based on the condition of your mattress, as well as the origin of all stains and unpleasant odours. Both of these cleaning techniques are efficient against all types of dirt and grime and will result in your mattress being immaculate, clean and disinfected.

How soon after the service can I use my mattress?

You can sleep on your mattress right after we are finished with the cleaning service. If we use the steam cleaning method, the surface of your mattress may be moist after. Our cleaners will do their best to speed up the drying process and extract the excess moisture.

How can I maintain my mattress in good condition after the deep cleaning I receive from you?

Regular vacuum cleaning (once a week, or whenever you change your bed linen) will help you maintain your mattress in a good condition. This will eliminate dust and grime and help your caret remain clean for longer. You can also blot stain away to prevent them from becoming permanent (make sure you do not scrub but only blot at the stain instead). You can also avoid eating or drinking in your bed to not get any stains on the mattress. Schedule regular appointments to obtain the best results.

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