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Mattress CleaningAt our company, we have been specialising in the mattress cleaning services for quite a long period of time already. As we know that many people from Golders Green neglect this chore, we endeavour to help them. It is extremely vital for your mattress to be free of harmful germs, bacteria, allergens, dust mites and other pollutants.

Armed with highly professional and powerful cleaning equipment, we are ready to fight those pollutants and eliminate them all. Let the experts do what they are best at- mattress cleaning, and provide you with a safe and healthy environment. We are worth trusting.

Main Cleaners provides mattress cleaning services in Golders Green, NW11 London. Our cleaners use steam cleaning machines for mattress disinfection.

“My friend recommended me to call your company and ask for mattress cleaning. I was a little bit curious and I called. Your team came and performed the service. It is amazing how much cleaning a mattress needs, I didn’t know that. I do now and thank you to both my friend and your company!” – Lola

“Last week I used your mattress cleaning service. I was very impressed of your work. The mattress was free of stains, it even seemed a little bit softer. I am glad I called you, and I want to try some of your other services. You have good offers and I am sure they are totally reasonable.” – Klaus

Do you realize the real importance of the mattress you sleep on? No matter if it’s comfortable it also needs to be clean and healthy for you and your family. But nobody can cope with the maintenance of their mattresses barehanded because they don’t have the needed specialised equipment like we do. Our mattress cleaning is actually efficient as it frees you from all dust, allergens and dust that irritate you during the night whether you know it or not. We will make your mattress cleaner than new one if you book us in Golders Green, NW11 and the London areas around.

Book mattress cleaning in Golders Green with Main Cleaners and you will get:

  • Healthier Environment
  • Professional Steam Cleaning
  • High Quality Service

Steam Mattress Cleaners in Golders Green

Mattres During The Cleaning

Mattress cleaning is underestimated but it should not be if you want to be healthy. According to leading experts in the are most skin conditions like itchy skin and different eczemas and allergies are caused by dirty mattresses and the microorganisms gathered their. Ensure your health and well being only by calling our cleaning agency. We are in Golders Green, NW11 but we are going to accept the challenge of cleaning your furniture no matter where in the London area you live. Do no hesitate to call us, this may be one of your best decisions ever.

Mattress Cleaning Price
Steam Mattress Cleaning £35 per mattress
*Minimum call out charge of £55

Upholstery Cleaning Golders Green, NW11

Man cleaning mattress

For sure you need some healthy deep sleep at night to relax and to recharge. But do not forget that a clean bed is not only clean sheets, but also clean mattress. Cleaning the mattress needs some equipment and cleaning ingredients, so it can be a lot wiser to hire a professional mattress cleaning services in Golders Green, NW11, London.

Our company offers you great domestic cleaning activities and a lot of experience in mattress cleaning – we clean stains, deodorize and steam clean your mattress to ensure healthy sleep. We are available for your domestic cleaning needs seven days a week.

Call us for further details.

Mattress Disinfection Golders Green

Steam Mattress Cleaning

Do you wish to be able to sleep calmly during the whole night and wake up relaxed and worthy in the morning? One of the things you need to take care of in order to achieve that is to keep your mattress as clean as possible. As experts in the field, we can tell you that it needs regular and professional maintenance with high-class equipment and products. Our team offers you the best mattress cleaning in Golders Green, NW11 area and many other close London places so you should accept our offer and start enjoying your peaceful sleep in a wonderful bed.

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Understanding the Importance of a Professionally Cleaned Mattress

Mattresses are an essential element of everyone's lives. Cleaning this item on a regular basis is critical for keeping our personal spaces clean, sanitary, and safe. While you can just vacuum clean your mattress or replace the bed linen a professional cleaning company will deep clean the fabric, removing dust mites, germs, bacteria, and other debris that could hurt whoever sleeps in the bed. Do not attempt cleaning the fabric on your own – the final results will not be as satisfactory as you would like. Schedule a professional mattress cleaning with our local cleaning agency in Golders Green and receive exceptional final results.

The Mattress Cleaning Process

Our local cleaners use precise job lists to ensure that the whole cleaning service is handled quickly and efficiently. We created this method to preserve the quality of our work and ensure that our customers get only the best outcomes. During your cleaning service, we will not skip a single step and will guarantee that everything is immaculate. Here's an example of the procedure:

  1. Inspection of the surface – Our local cleaners will perform a thorough inspection of the mattress, in order to be able to choose the finest cleaning process and products. They will identify all stains, filth, and other concerns that must be handled.
  2. Vacuum Cleaning – Our technicians will clean the area with a professional hoover cleaner. By removing all surface dust and dirt particles, they will ensure that the area is prepared for the next cleaning procedures.
  3. Spot treatment and deep cleaning – We will treat any stubborn stains to help efficiently remove them. Then, we will apply the deep cleaning method of choice – it will help us eliminate all dirt and grime and leave the surface immaculate.
  4. Deodorising and disinfection – At the end of the service, our cleaners will thoroughly disinfect all sides of the mattress, as well as your bed. To finish the process, they will apply a deodorant to ensure thorough freshness.

The Benefits of getting your mattress professionally cleaned

Book our expert mattress cleaning service and enjoy a variety of perks. We provide excellent cleaning services, delivered by our local cleaners who use high-quality tools and supplies, as well as specific deep cleaning procedures. They will do their best to leave your mattress in perfect shape and assist you in improving several aspects of your life. Here are some of the benefits we offer:

  1. Better air quality

    A dirty mattress may significantly reduce the quality of air in your bedroom. Our local cleaners will eliminate dust mites and other airborne contaminants, leaving your room fresh and sanitary.

  2. Defeat allergies

    Our professional cleaners will successfully remove germs, bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens that can cause health problems and skin irritations. This will provide a safe and sanitary sleeping environment for you.

  3. Sleep better

    A professional cleaning service will leave your mattress clean and refreshed, which will significantly improve your quality of sleep.

  4. Prolong the lifespan of your mattress

    The deep mattress cleaning we offer will ensure that your mattress remains in good condition and lasts longer.

Safe and non-toxic cleaning solutions and techniques

To produce high-quality results while also keeping you and your family members safe, we follow a precise cleaning process and always utilise specialised equipment, techniques and products. We use high-quality remedies that are effective against filth and grime yet include no dangerous ingredients. They are absolutely harmless to people and pets. Our local cleaners will guarantee that every corner of your property is immaculate and disinfected at the end of the service. Our local cleaning agency in Golders Green guarantees the greatest results without compromising your safety.

Stain removal and Efficient Odour Elimination

The removal of stains and odours are both necessary steps in the mattress cleaning procedure. Our staff understand which the best stain removal procedures is, depending on the source of each stain. They will remove persistent stains of all types and effectively deodorise the mattress, eradicating unpleasant odours. Our cleaning procedures are effective against blood, sweat, urine, and food/drink spills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to get my mattresses deep cleaned?

Based on your lifestyle and personal needs, you may need to deep clean your mattress once every 8-12 months. If you are not sure about the perfect frequency of your cleaning appointments, ask our cleaning experts. They will advise you on what is best for your situation and will create a regular cleaning schedule, customised for you.

Are the cleaning products you use safe for babies?

Yes, all cleaning products and techniques we use are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and eco-friendly. The deep mattress cleaning we offer is suitable for babies and will even benefit your little one if you book the thorough cleaning of their mattress. If there are some specific allergies you or your baby have, please let us know and we will avoid using products that contain this substance.

How can I pay for my cleaning service?

You can pay using both cash or a bank transfer. Keep in mind that cash is paid once the cleaning service is complete, however, the bank transfer must be completed at least 12 hours prior to the actual appointment. Feel free to discuss your preferred payment option with your booking agent.

What cleaning methods do you use?

We use deep steam and dry-cleaning methods. The best one will be picked, based on the condition of your mattress, as well as the origin of all stains and unpleasant odours. Both of these cleaning techniques are efficient against all types of dirt and grime and will result in your mattress being immaculate, clean and disinfected.

How soon after the service can I use my mattress?

You can sleep on your mattress right after we are finished with the cleaning service. If we use the steam cleaning method, the surface of your mattress may be moist after. Our cleaners will do their best to speed up the drying process and extract the excess moisture.

How can I maintain my mattress in good condition after the deep cleaning I receive from you?

Regular vacuum cleaning (once a week, or whenever you change your bed linen) will help you maintain your mattress in a good condition. This will eliminate dust and grime and help your caret remain clean for longer. You can also blot stain away to prevent them from becoming permanent (make sure you do not scrub but only blot at the stain instead). You can also avoid eating or drinking in your bed to not get any stains on the mattress. Schedule regular appointments to obtain the best results.

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