Sofa Cleaning London

upholstery-cleaners1Depending on the type of your sofa we will apply dry cleaning or wet cleaning. Our dry cleaning is appropriate for linen, acrylic brocade, untreated leather, silk, plush, viscose,polished cotton, polyamide nylon, cotton velvet and many other fabrics.
Your sofas will be cleaner than ever and in a wonderful condition, after our staff take care of them. Call us, reserving the sofa cleaning you need and we won’t disappoint you.

The process of our steam wet sofa cleaning includes:

  • Pre-treating all stains and dirty patches on your sofas for better removing
  • Steam clean your sofa for dissolving all dirt, stains, odours, mould, allergens, microbes etc.
  • Using powerful industrial driers, our cleaning staff will dry out our sofas very fast
  • The use of only eco-friendly cleaning preparations and detergents
Sofa Cleaning ServicesPrice
Upholstery Steam CleaningFrom £30


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    Time-efficient cleaning service with excellent results

    You can useupholstery-cleaners2 your sofa right after we clean it and enjoy its nice and disinfected state. Main Cleaners can guarantee you excellently cleaned and smelling fine sofas, which will stay this way for long time. In the price of your sofa cleaning are included all the detergents, cleaning preparations and the use of advances cleaning machinery, our cleaners are supplied with.

    Our services are provided on very competitive prices seven days a week, after reserving them by phone or through the web. We expect your calls any time.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to have well sanitized and cleaned sofas in your home.

    Customers’ feedback about our cleaning service

    I have used the professional sofa cleaning service of this company twice already and I have to say that I am very impressed. My sofa looks as good as new now and all traces from stains and dust are gone.

    My mother told me about this company’s professional sofa cleaning service so I decided to book it. The technician came fully-equipped and worked hard for a couple of hours. The end product was extraordinarily clean.

    I highly recommend this company’s sofa cleaning service because it is very affordable, reliable and efficient. The technicians are so hard-working and diligent. Our sofa looks amazing again.

    I have used this company’s professional sofa cleaning service only once but I have to say that everything from the first phone call to the completion of the cleaning session was amazing. Plus, the price was very low.

    Professional Sofa Cleaning in London

    Our company has been servicing the London area for a liberal amount of years already. Ever since our establishment, we have been trying to convince our clients of what great importance it is to take proper and regular care of their pieces.

    The naked truth us that soiled sofas are able to hold up to nearly five times their own weight in grime and dust. To be sure that you are living in a clean and healthy home environment, professional sofa cleaning service has be done on a regular basis.

    It is the reason why we encourage you to establish a contact with us at your earliest convenience and book our sofa cleaning service.

    Fully Trained Cleaners

    Our hard-working and competent technicians will come to your rescue, fully equipment, to deal with the carpet cleaning for you. They will make sure that all stains, specks of grime and dust, and unpleasant odours are completely removed.

    Once the cleaning session is complete, your carpets will look like brand new. Do not let the condition of your sofa get neglected and make sure to give us a phone call right away. We are open seven days of the week and we are even available on weekends.