Do your drinking glasses smell weird? Here is how to fix that.

Have you ever taken out a load of dishes from the dishwasher and noticed that they smell bad? Even after they are washed, it is possible that your drinking glasses, for example, smell like what people describe as a wet dog. This can be quite unpleasant, especially if you are thirsty or even worse – if you have guests over.
If you have experienced this embarrassment, you probably know that it is rather hard to get rid of that smell. Maybe you washed them again and even if that helped for the moment, the smell probably returned not long after. The truth is, no matter how many times you wash them, the smell will not go away until you find the source of it. It is not the glasses themselves, nor the dishwasher. Of course, it is a bit of both but the real reason lies somewhere else.
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How to properly clean your throw pillows

Throw pillows can transform any place and spice up any interior design. They come in a wide variety of styles, colours, sizes, shapes and patterns. While throw pillows are surely a favourite ornament for interior designers, housekeepers cannot say the same thing. They are constantly used and often in need of cleaning. However, their washing is not too easy.

According to cleaning professionals, cleaning decorative pillows depends on their structure and materials from which they are made. Do not forget to check the tags and pay attention to any special instructions. In this article however, you will be able to see a few common ways in which you can clean your throw pillows.
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How to remove permanent marker stains from clothing and other fabrics

Permanent markers are quite useful when it comes to labeling boxes, marking objects or even tie dyeing clothes. You can always rely on the markers, they will provide you with permanent, durable colour. However, permanent markers may get on places we did not really plan on. Keep in mind that they may get literally everywhere if you are not careful.
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How often should you wash your sheets and how to properly clean them?

Did you know you spend around 50-60 hours a week in your bed? Dead skin, dust, hair, sweat and other bodily liquids are just a few of the things that build up on your sheets on a regular basis. It is suggested that you clean your sheets every week.
Having clean linen might be more important than you would think. Since we are most vulnerable in bed, dirty sheets may actually cause health issues, irritations, allergies and acne. It is important to have a schedule when it comes to washing your sheets so let’s see how often you should actually clean them.
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How to get rid of mice at home?

Mice are some of the more common pests we get at home. Almost everyone has encountered mice or rats at home. They might appear in the pantry or cellar, as well as pretty much anywhere with food and good enough conditions for them.

Do not worry, though. Finding a mouse in your home does not mean you are not clean enough, or a bad housekeeper. However, ignoring a mice infestation might mean just that. Such issues should be addressed as soon as possible. Mice carry around 27 diseases, dangerous to humans. What is more, their droppings may cause irritation to those with asthma or allergies. Mice can also chew through electrical wires and cause a fire in your house. In general, they might be cute but quite mischievous.
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How to get rid of soap scum from every surface in the bathroom?

What is soap scum and what causes it?
Soap scum – the bathroom dirt that is hard to get rid of and keeps coming back. What exactly is soap scum? It is not just soap – it is a combination of water, minerals, soap talc and body oils. It happens when your wet soap interacts with the minerals in your tap water. This creates a thick, stubborn film that sticks to all surfaces in your bathroom. Here is how to remove it from various places, as well as some tips on how to prevent it from coming back. Continue reading “How to get rid of soap scum from every surface in the bathroom?”

Soap bars and their many uses

Nowadays, more people tend to like liquid soaps, shower gels and pretty much, everything in a bottle. It seems that the old fashioned soap bars have been left behind. Those cute little bars of soap, however, hide a lot of power. This article is all about them and their many uses around the house.

Firstly, let’s see how soap is made. True soap is created by a completely natural process called saponification. It happens when oils, waxes or butters are mixed with sodium hydroxide and a chemical reaction occurs that creates soap. During the process natural glycerin is created and makes the soap gentle and moisturising. For many years people have done this by themselves, although nowadays soaps are manufactured and a lot of other compounds are added. In fact, most soaps nowadays are closer to detergents rather than real soaps. Continue reading “Soap bars and their many uses”

What are the four questions that an effective cleaning schedule is based on?

Cleaning is cleaning but when it comes to hiring professionals to do it for you things take on a different perspective. When cleaning your own house, you set your own rules, you know where you want to pay more attention and how to approach things. However, when you rely on someone else to do that for you, it is important to consider a few things. Take notes of those four basic features and they will help you understand which services are able to fulfil your best interests.The proper and successful implementation of the job depends on a few simple points. Here we are gonna discuss the main ones that you should pay most attention to when expecting a satisfactory cleaning service. All reliable, regulated cleaning service providers must include those so do not hesitate to ask around and make sure you are not making a wrong choice.
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