Professional Cleaning

professional-cleaners1Booking a professional cleaning service is not a luxury anymore. We believe that our customers deserve the best when it comes to the look of their home which is why our professional cleaning service is very fairly priced.

Despite the low prices, we never compromise on quality! Our company is reliable and very professional so that our customers can receive the best cleaning experience without them having to pay a fortune for the cleaning service!

We know how to meet your needs and leave you satisfied with the end results, trust us!


We offer:

  • high-quality service
  • full customer satisfaction
  • attractive prices
  • team of properly trained and professional cleaners


Price list of our Professional Cleaning Services in London

Hourly Based Service Price
Domestic Cleaning from £19/h
One Off Cleaning from £20/h
Deep Cleaning from £20/h


Get a free quote for our cleaning services here:

    Main Cleaners are well-prepared to give you a hand professional-cleaners2with the chores anytime you find yourself in need of a professional cleaning service. We can give your home or office the sparkle it has been missing lately!

    The good news is that you do not have to worry about the look of your favourite carpet or sofa either because we also deliver carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

    We have invested in high-end cleaning technology and products so that we can guarantee the most satisfying outcome. We deliver our cleaning sessions on site for your convenience. If you are interested in booking us, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

    What is included in our Professional Cleaning


    • Dust shelves, cabinets, drawers and other flat surfaces
    • Wipe and polish taps and sinks
    • Polish mirrors and other glass surfaces
    • Mop bare floors and vacuum area rugs
    • Wipe all kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, microwave, oven, toaster, etc.
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Empty trashbins


    • Dust cabinets, drawers, shelves and other flat surfaces
    • Sanitise and disinfect shower, bathtub, basins, bidets and toilet
    • Wipe and polish sinks and taps
    • Mop bare floors
    • Vacuum area rugs
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Empty trashbins
    • Remove limescale, hard water stains, soap scum and mould

    Bedroom and other living areas

    • Dust pieces of furniture, picture frames, light fixtures, light fittings, plugs, door knobs, handles, top of doors
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Mop bare floors
    • Vacuum carpets
    • Dust TV/PC screens
    • Dust and wipe radiators, baseboards, windowsills
    • Vacuum upholstered pieces
    • Empty trash bins
    • Polish mirrors and other glass surfaces

    Have you been looking for a professional cleaning service to book? You have come to the right place. Known under the name of Main Cleaners London, we have grown to become a very trusted and respected name in London.

    If you need help with the housework, we are here for you. Contact our company at your earliest convenience and book our exceptional professional cleaning service. We know how to make your home or office in London spotless clean. We hope to hear from you.

    Choose our professional cleaners in London

    Everybody wants to live in a clean and hygienic home, but given the busy world we all live in, it is getting harder and harder to spare time for the numerous household chores.

    Hundreds and hundreds of people choose our professional cleaning services because they are done to high standards and in an efficient manner. What is more, they are very fairly priced. Contact us at a time convenient for you and we will come to your rescue.

    Customers’ feedback about our cleaning service

    I am a big fan of this company and have already used most of the services. The prices are very affordable, yet the quality is so high. Truly professional cleaning services.

    The professional cleaning services of this company are so affordable, yet reliable. The housekeepers always work hard to deliver the best outcome. I would definitely recommend this service to more and more people.

    The best professional cleaning services in this area are provided by this company. I have been a customer for over a year now and their cleaners have never disappointed me. Plus, the prices are so affordable.

    The professional cleaning services of this company are amazing. They are low in price and high in quality. The housekeepers always arrive on time and always deliver the most satisfying outcome in the quickest manner.

    Professional Cleaning in London – what you should know

    We are Main Cleaners and are well-known for providing high-quality services, suitable for both residential and commercial properties. We work with some of the top local cleaners in the region, and we ensure that they arrive well prepared with the equipment and goods they need to complete the duties at hand. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to have your property professionally cleaned. Our rigorous approach, as well as our team employees' skills, expertise, and experience, will ensure that our work is of the highest possible quality.

    A wide range of professional cleaning services, offered by our local cleaning agency

    We aim to be able to satisfy your requirements, no matter how demanding they are. We provide a comprehensive range of cleaning services designed to help you in every scenario. We can assist you with the cleaning after you move out/in, routine domestic cleaning of your house, and the yearly spring cleaning. For further information and a list of services offered by us, please see below:

    1. End of Tenancy Cleaning

      We will deep clean your house at the conclusion of your tenancy, so you don't have to worry about spending hours on this task. You will have more free time while also impressing your landlord with the condition of their property at the end of your lease.

    2. Domestic Cleaning

      Leave the regular domestic cleaning chores for us – our local cleaners will come as often as you request and help you maintain your property in a clean and organised condition. Rest assured that all chores you ask for will be taken care of.

    3. Deep Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

      Schedule this surface to improve the air quality at home and to be able to enjoy your carpets and upholstery in their best condition, without any signs of stains, dirt and bacteria. everything will be immaculate and disinfected.

    4. Deep Cleaning

      During this cleaning service, we will deep clean your entire property. We will scrub, wipe down and disinfect every single corner of the premises, creating an immaculate and hygienic living space for the new year.

    Experienced, Professional Local Cleaners

    We are Main Cleaners in London and are known for the high-quality cleaning we offer. We recruit experienced specialists and provide them with further professional training to ensure they are up to date on the newest cleaning techniques and processes. Our cleaning specialists will use their expertise and knowledge, as well as the high-quality tools and supplies we provide to guarantee that everything is done properly. Hire us for your property's cleaning (residential or commercial) – we will do an exceptional job and the final results will truly impress you – we guarantee that.

    The thorough cleaning process we undertake to ensure the high quality of our work:

    Our professional local cleaners will carry out a number of cleaning tasks and follow a detailed process to make sure that the service is efficient and results in the best outcomes. We will make sure they follow the process and that no tasks are missed out during the process. You may rest assured that everything will be performed with care. Find an example of the process below:

    1. Detailed Inspection – In order to be able to choose the most suitable cleaning method and treat the areas that require extra attention, our local cleaners will carefully inspect the entire property and the materials in it. This is the first step of the process which is essential for the high-quality results we promise.
    2. Detailed Plan – A list of tasks will be created and followed by our local cleaners. It will include all areas that require extra attention, as well as the most convenient products and techniques for the materials in your home.
    3. Deep cleaning and disinfection – The actual deep cleaning process will begin. Our local cleaners will pay more attention to areas and surfaces that require it. The cleaning experts will dust, polish, disinfect and scrub all areas of the property. Everything will be left immaculate and sanitised.
    4. Final inspection – Once everything is thoroughly cleaned, our local cleaners will carefully inspect the area and make sure everything is done according to the thorough process we created for the project. Rest assured that our local cleaners will not leave before everything is immaculate and spotless.

    Flexible Booking Options for your cleaning session

    We deliver personalised cleaning services that are tailored to each customer's specific needs and specifications. We will design a custom project for you, and all you have to do is tell us about your property and the. You will be able to choose the most convenient time and day for you, as well as add or remove any cleaning jobs that will be completed as part of the service. Your project work list will include all the chores you choose to receive from our local cleaning service in London. Everything will be tailored to your needs, and you will enjoy excellent outcomes.

    Here is how to book a service with our local cleaning agency

    The booking process for our cleaning services is very simple and can be completed in a few simple steps. We created a simple booking process that is convenient and easy for our customers to complete. Here is how to schedule your appointment with us:

    • Contact us – our customer support agents are available and will answer all your questions. They will help you select the most suitable cleaning project for your needs.
    • Make a choice – pick the cleaning service that you need the most.
    • Customise the project – Book additional cleaning tasks and customise every aspect of the project.
    • Receive a price quote – we will provide you with a custom price quote over the phone – it will be based on the specific tasks you receive as part of the service.
    • Welcome our team and enjoy some free time for yourself while they take care of all the cleaning.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much do I have to pay for a cleaning service?

    The price of each project is calculated, based on the size and condition of your property, as well as the number and type of cleaning tasks you choose to include. We will also make sure we fit in your budget. You will receive a free price quote over the phone, as well as a detailed bill so you know exactly what you are paying for.

    Do I need to do anything to prepare for the service?

    No, all you need to do is provide access to your property. Also, if you choose to include refrigerator/freezer cleaning, please make sure you turn them off at least 12 hours prior to the service so they have time to defrost.

    How many additional cleaning services can I book?

    As many as you want, feel free to add any of the special cleaning solutions we offer or even ask for some special ones you came up with. Our main focus is to provide you with a custom cleaning service that meets all your needs and expectations.

    How often can I schedule your cleaning services?

    We will create a suitable cleaning schedule, based on your specific needs and lifestyle. We offer all cleaning solutions on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis. You can also choose daily or annual appointments if you have any specific needs.

    Are you insured?

    Yes, absolutely. All cleaning agents on our team are vetted and insured and we will pay back for any accidental damages.

    We cover all London postcodes