Professional Cleaners SE7 Charlton

Professional CleanerAre you in need of extra pairs of hands to help you with your domestic chores? Or maybe your stained carpet needs professional touch? Whatever your cleaning needs are, we can get them done in a prompt and sufficient manner.

We are one of the most trusted names in the cleaning industry and we have always strived to satisfy our customers’ needs.

We are based in Charlton and we are available all week round. Choose the professional cleaning service you are on a quest of and we will deliver it. Grab the phone and contact our excellent call centre.

Customers’ feedback about our cleaning service

“I adore coming home to a tidy and cosy house. As there are many stoppers on the road to achieving such atmosphere on my own, I decided to turn to a professional cleaning company. Those amazing guys that visit me once per week are hard-working and experienced. I recommend this company.- Helen”

“I recommend these professional cleaning services to all those of you who cherish their free time! Let the experts take care of the chores around your home and this way provide you with more free time just for yourself. The rates are very economical, see for yourself.- Nina”

Our company is a reliable professional cleaning services provider for Charlton, SE7 and the area, and we are inviting you contact our company right away and book one of our professional cleaning teams to do your cleaning chores for you.

Our cleaners are savvy in cleaning all details and we assure you that your home will look amazing. Leave the hard work to our cleaners and you will get to enjoy a clean home and a safe environment without having to do the cleaning yourself. We love helping people and we promise you that you will be happy with our service.

Price list of our Professional Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning Services Price
Domestic Cleaning £20
One Off Cleaning £22
Deep Cleaning £22
End Of Tenancy Cleaning from £89

Get a free quote for our cleaning services here:

    Unequalled Professional Cleaning in Charlton

    Our professional cleaning service is adjustable and can be changed in any way to fit your specific requirements and help you with the cleaning chores that you need help with. Here are some of the benefits that you will get to enjoy if you choose our service:

    • We are available for a one-off cleaning or for regular cleaning sessions (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
    • Our prices are economical and very considerate and include all taxes
    • Our cleaning teams all have clear criminal records
    • Our professional cleaning service is available in Charlton, SE7 and the area
    • We are very flexible with our time for cleaning sessions, we work around your schedule
    • We do not have hidden charges

    This company is the best! I have been using their cleaning services for a little over a year now and I can say that I am very pleased with the service and with the results. But what I like the most about it is that the price is very economical. -Joey

    Our cleaners have experience cleaning all kinds of premises and we can guarantee you that our service is very efficient. Our cleaners will easily deal with your cleaning chores. You can hire our cleaners to help you with many chores – dusting, vacuuming and mopping thoroughly, change linen, polish floors, scrub tile and grouting, disinfect the toilet, de-lime the bathtub or shower, etc. We assure you that all surfaces in your home will be scrubbed clean and when they leave they will empty the trash bins.

    Competent Professional Cleaning

    Professional Cleaning TeamGive our company a call right away and book our service. Here in Charlton, SE7 our professional cleaning service is widely known as the best one.

    Our service is convenient and is tailored to each customer’s individual needs and so are our prices. That is what makes us better than any other company.

    Professional Cleaning in Charlton – what you should know

    We are Main Cleaners – our local cleaning company is an excellent choice for cleaning both commercial and residential properties. We provide high-quality cleaning solutions supplied by professional local cleaners. They will utilise the greatest cleaning equipment and apply their skills and experience to guarantee that your home is pristine, clean, and disinfected. Everything will be precisely planned for you, and our pros will be on time. Do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need assistance with the cleaning of your property – we will provide you with exceptional final results.

    A wide range of professional cleaning services, offered by our local cleaning agency

    You can find a wide range of cleaning services offered by our cleaning company. We can help you with anything when it comes to cleaning, no matter how specific or demanding. Find deep and regular cleaning, as well as special offers, offered by our local cleaning agency. We offer a detailed list of all cleaning tasks and basic information you need to know below:

    1. End of Tenancy Cleaning

      Our end-of-tenancy cleaning service is ideal if you need some extra time for other important activities, included in the moving out process. We can handle the last deep cleaning of the property and assist you in returning it in pristine shape to your landlord.

    2. Domestic Cleaning

      Leave the regular domestic cleaning chores for us – our local cleaners will come as often as you request and help you maintain your property in a clean and organised condition. Rest assured that all chores you ask for will be taken care of.

    3. Deep Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

      Book our deep carpet and upholstery cleaning services and let our local cleaners deep clean and disinfect your fabrics. No signs of stains or cleaning product will be left behind and you will even notice a difference in the quality of your indoor air.

    4. Deep Cleaning

      Once a year, your home deserves a deep (spring) cleaning. Instead of spending days doing this on your own, leave the task to us. We will deep clean, scrub and disinfect every corner of the property and make sure no area of the home has been overlooked.

    Experienced, Professional Local Cleaners

    We employ some of the greatest and most experienced cleaning specialists accessible in Charlton. We choose qualified workers who are knowledgeable with the numerous cleaning processes utilised for all different fabrics and materials. We do complete background checks on each one and give extensive training to ensure they are up on board on the newest methods. Our workers are one of the reasons we are so popular and continue to provide outstanding services to all of our clients. Trust us with the cleaning of your property; your home will be in capable hands.

    The thorough cleaning process we undertake to ensure the high quality of our work:

    To guarantee that our cleaning professionals accomplish everything correctly and that nothing is overlooked during the cleaning process, we designed a rigorous cleaning procedure that must be followed throughout the service. We ensure that our cleaners adhere to this strict duty list. They will do all of the cleaning tasks you have assigned to them, following this step-by-step procedure to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Here is what to expect from our cleaning service:

    1. Detailed Inspection – Our cleaning service always starts with an inspection of the entire property. Our local cleaners are going to evaluate the different surfaces in your house and choose the best cleaning methods and solutions to clean the area effectively while preserving the materials' integrity.
    2. Detailed Plan – A detailed cleaning plan will be created for the professional cleaners to follow. Every step will be tailored to the specific features of your property, your needs and requirements. All products and techniques will be matched to the materials in your home.
    3. Deep cleaning and disinfection – Your home will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and polished. Throughout this procedure, no area will be left untouched, and everything will be left clean, spotless and immaculate.
    4. Final inspection – The final inspection is an essential part of the cleaning service. This is how we ensure that everything is accomplished and that the end results meet and even surpass your expectations. This allows us to keep our work at a high level.

    Flexible Booking Options for your cleaning session

    Rest assured that your entire cleaning service will be tailored to all your needs, expectations and requirements. You can choose as many cleaning tasks as you like and tell us exactly what you want us to do. Our local cleaning agency in Charlton is available throughout the entire week so you can also select the most convenient time and date for your appointment. We will create a cleaning task list for your project that will be based on everything you asked as part of your cleaning service. We guarantee that the final results will meet and exceed your expectations and requirements.

    Here is how to book a service with our local cleaning agency

    The booking process for our cleaning services is very simple and can be completed in a few simple steps. We created a simple booking process that is convenient and easy for our customers to complete. Here is how to schedule your appointment with us:

    • Contact us – our customer support agents are available and will answer all your questions. They will help you select the most suitable cleaning project for your needs.
    • Make a choice – pick the cleaning service that you need the most.
    • Customise the project – Book additional cleaning tasks and customise every aspect of the project.
    • Receive a price quote – we will provide you with a custom price quote over the phone – it will be based on the specific tasks you receive as part of the service.
    • Welcome our team and enjoy some free time for yourself while they take care of all the cleaning.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much do I have to pay for a cleaning service?

    The price of each project is calculated, based on the size and condition of your property, as well as the number and type of cleaning tasks you choose to include. We will also make sure we fit in your budget. You will receive a free price quote over the phone, as well as a detailed bill so you know exactly what you are paying for.

    Do I need to do anything to prepare for the service?

    No, all you need to do is provide access to your property. Also, if you choose to include refrigerator/freezer cleaning, please make sure you turn them off at least 12 hours prior to the service so they have time to defrost.

    How many additional cleaning services can I book?

    As many as you want, feel free to add any of the special cleaning solutions we offer or even ask for some special ones you came up with. Our main focus is to provide you with a custom cleaning service that meets all your needs and expectations.

    How often can I schedule your cleaning services?

    We will create a suitable cleaning schedule, based on your specific needs and lifestyle. We offer all cleaning solutions on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis. You can also choose daily or annual appointments if you have any specific needs.

    Are you insured?

    Yes, absolutely. All cleaning agents on our team are vetted and insured and we will pay back for any accidental damages.

    We cover all London postcodes