House Cleaners Kings Cross N1

House CleaningTo have more time to spend with the people who really matter for you and have less domestic work, you can use our cleaning services. Our house cleaners will take care of the sanitising of the rooms in your home. They will ensure you a pristine and tidy house which you will be cleaned of the dust, stains, dirt and soiling.

Our staff work in line with the requirements of the customer and guarantee effectively and well sanitised rooms. Get in touch with our house cleaners who are at your disposal in Kings Cross N1 to provide the work which you need done.

Hourly Based ServicePrice
Domestic Cleaningfrom £19/h
One Off Cleaningfrom £20/h
Deep Cleaningfrom £20/h
After Builders Cleaningfrom £23/h

    The Ultimate Guide to House Cleaning: What’s Included?

    You should give us a call whenever you realise that your free time is simply not enough for all the cleaning tasks at home. Our local cleaning experts will arrive on time and help you improve and maintain the cleanliness of your home. They will perform a number of cleaning tasks and ensure that every corner of your home is immaculate, disinfected and organised. We understand that a variety of reasons and responsibilities may prevent you from having enough free time to take care of the thorough cleaning of your home – this is why we want to help you achieve the best final results. Each corner of the house will be treated with attention to detail. Find a more detailed task list below.

    1. Kitchen Cleaning

      Various surfaces in the kitchen will be scrubbed, degreased and disinfected. After that, our cleaning experts will declutter, wipe down and organise all cupboards and drawers, followed by appliance external and internal cleaning. The sink and taps will be wiped down and the entire floor will be swept and thoroughly mopped.

    2. Bathroom Cleaning

      To completely transform your bathroom, our local cleaners will efficiently scrub and disinfect all surfaces and bathroom fixtures. The medicine cabinet will be decluttered and deep cleaned. Deposits will be eliminated from the entire bathroom area and your floor will be vacuumed and thoroughly mopped.

    3. Living room Cleaning

      Dust and cobwebs will be efficiently eliminated from corners, walls, ceilings and other surfaces (both high and hard to reach). Carpets and upholstery will be thoroughly vacuum cleaned and all framed pictures and mirrors will be wiped down and polished. Disinfection of all commonly touched items will be performed at the end.

    4. Patio Cleaning

      We will pressure wash your patio, external walls, driveway and other outdoor surfaces that need cleaning. We understand that the cleanliness of your outdoor areas is as important as the good looks of the inside of your home.

    Personalized Plans for Your House Cleaning Service

    When scheduling a cleaning service with our local cleaning firm, you are able to tailor the project to your individual needs and requirements. We will try our best to provide a cleaning service that is personalised to your needs. You can select all of the cleaning tasks included in the project, reserve additional cleaning services, and even specify the exact time and date of your appointment. We are available 7 days a week and will be able to accommodate your plans. We can also provide you with cleaning services on a regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, depending on your needs and the condition of your home.

    Discover the Benefits of Professional Home Cleaning

    You will receive a number of benefits whenever you book a professional cleaning service, delivered by our local cleaning agency. Apart from the high quality of the final results and the amazing opportunity to ensure the ultimate cleanliness of your property. Do not hesitate, give us a call and schedule a cleaning solution with us – the final outcomes will meet and exceed your expectations. Here are some of the benefits we offer:

    • More time and money for you – Nowadays, time is priceless – this is why we want to help you save time and money by offering a cost-effective cleaning service. You will not have to spend a lot of money on expensive tools and chemicals, or keep cleaning, vacuuming, and disinfecting for hours. We aim to help you save time and money for things that are more important to you.
    • Healthy living environment – Our cleaning services, delivered by local cleaners include complete cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces on the premises. This will enhance the general hygiene in the house and protect the safety of your loved ones. This is an excellent solution for those who suffer from allergies or are sensitive to dust mites, allergens, and other contaminants.
    • Receive exactly what you need – Aside from the customised cleaning service, which is tailored to your specific needs and property features, you will also be able to receive special features such as eco-friendly, non-toxic, and pet-friendly solutions, as well as services delivered on holidays and weekends. Your solution will be made perfect for you and your needs.

    Check Out Our Clear Pricing and Personalized Estimates

    The size and condition of your property will determine the fee for your cleaning service. However, any extra cleaning chores you want to schedule may affect the cost. You will receive a free price estimate over the phone from one of our booking professionals. You will also receive a bespoke price quote that includes all of the charges associated with the service. – this is how we remain transparent.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I book a cleaning service with you?

    You can schedule an appointment with us over the phone, by a simple email or even through our website. No matter which option you choose, our customer support agents will be there for you. They will answer all your questions, help you pick the most suitable cleaning service for you and create a bespoke solution, tailored to your needs. They will also provide you with a free price quote.

    Can I reschedule or cancel an appointment?

    Yes, if you need to reschedule your appointment or even cancel it, all you need to do is let us know at least 24 hours in advance. That way, we will be able to find a suitable team for your new appointment and make sure everything goes smoothly.

    Can you use my cleaning products?

    Yes, of course. Our cleaning equipment is included in the price, however, we can use your personal tools and products. If you are allergic to anything, let us know, we can avoid using this chemical – after all, your safety is a top priority for us.

    I have a pet, is it a problem during the cleaning service?

    Of course not, our cleaning professionals are gentle and friendly. What is more, the cleaning products and techniques we use are non-toxic and safe for animals and your furry friend will certainly not be a problem for us.

    Do I need to be there during the cleaning?

    No. You are more than welcome to stay, supervise and give us directions. However, you can enjoy your free time while we take care of the thorough cleaning of your property. We will inspect the property at the end of the service and ensure that everything is perfect for your arrival.

    Exploring Our Coverage: We Serve in all London Areas

    Professional House Cleaners Kings Cross

    The house cleaners in our company are background checked, trained on a regular basis and work very professionally. They can ensure the spotless condition of your home. Use our services which can offer you:

    • One-off and regularly implemented cleaning sessions
    • Excellently vacuum cleaned, dusted and maintained rooms
    • Deep cleaned kitchen and white goods
    • Washed and disinfected bathroom
    • The use of our own cleaning supplies which ensure fast and professional work
    • Reliable cleaning at reasonable prices

    “I trusted your company with my domestic cleaning because you were highly recommended. I have to say that after seeing what your cleaners can do you are definitely the best domestic cleaning service I have used. Thank you for that and for your great and affordable prices. ” – James

    If you need sanitising of the rooms in your house before or after a special occasion or regularly, contact us any time. Our house cleaners will vacuum clean the carpets and upholstered items, mop the wooden floors, wash the tiles in the bathroom. They will polish and sanitise the sinks, taps, mirrors and internal windows.

    Domestic Cleaning Kings Cross

    Domestic Kitchen CleanningThe white goods will be scrubbed and cleaned of grease, blemishes and burnt food. Use the services of our domestic cleaners which are at your disposal in Kings Cross during weekdays and weekends. You will be pleased with the results.

    If you need help with the maintenance of your home you can rely on our staff to do the work for you. They use the latest machines and effective detergents for cleaning the different surfaces. The work will be carried out at a convenient to the customer time.

    Our domestic cleaners work seven days in the week in the region of N1 and provide excellent sanitising of detached, semi-detached, larger and smaller houses.

    For any questions regarding parking permit you can check in the site of London Borough of Camden or London Borough of Islington depending on where you live.

    “Step out of your comfort zone and hire yourself a housemaid! The request process is crazy easy so it won’t eat away much of your spare time. Call them and they’ll do much of the job themselves. I’m in love with your marvelous job! My house was a disaster before you stepped in for me! I don’t know how to thank you! – Nadine”

    “In case you’re wondering, they have the X factor! Don’t I know it! My house is habitable again! Just one call and all your secret desires will come true. They will grant your wishes to the last one! You weren’t exaggerating when you offered me a high standard customized services. Literally everything I wasn’t able to accomplish, you did it for me! My heroes! I’m impressed beyond belief! – Ophelia”

    The house cleaning services of our company are consistent and thorough. We have plenty years of experience in this field so we know how to make any home absolutely pristine. Our cleaning sessions are completed within a couple of hours so why don’t you leave the burdensome chores to our experts?

    They will come fully equipped with high-end products and will remove all traces of grime and dust. Booking our house cleaning services will provide you with peace of mind and extraordinary end results. Our head offices are located all across Kings Cross. Please, make sure to contact us soon.