Carpet Cleaning Somers Town NW1

Carpet Cleaning Before AfterOops, your heart will go oops the moment you meet us! Our carpet claning company located in Somers Town knows how to sweep you off your feet and lift you to the skies! With us you will go into a spin of loop-di-loops!

Pick up the phone and meet your soul mate! We can offer you the world of carpet cleaning services on a silver platter. There is no shortage of cleaning offers to catch your interest any day of the week. Grab the cleaning plan of your liking on a fair market value.

Our experienced cleaners will put every effort into delivering you a high standard service with top-notch professional detergents and specialized equipment.

Customers’ feedback about our cleaning service

“Thank you for the carpet protector spray! I can’t believe how well it works. It’s like a shield that guards it against all kinds of damage. How ingenious! My carpets would become dirty very easily before and if you clean them too often the fabric suffers. With you I don’t have to worry about any of this things. I appreciate your work. It’s amazing! – Raia”

“Given my track record of poorly cleaned carpets, you were a sight for sore eyes! I am so glad I have you in my life now because this job is indeed outside my competence. My carpets are in the best hands possible. I am impressed with the beautiful results. Thank you so much for always being there for me whenever I need you through the week. – Freddie”

Being used on a daily basis, every carpet needs proper cares and professional cleaning to be in good condition. We offer highly professional and inexpensive carpet cleaning services which are performed by qualified staff.

Our technicians are supplied with the latest machines for steam cleaning and drying the carpets. Using them and the necessary preparations for stain removal and sanitising carpets, our employees will make your carpets look impeccable. Get in touch with our qualified staff to book the carpet cleaning which you need, that we offer within Somers Town NW1 every day of the week.

Price list of our Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services Price
Hallway/Landing carpet from £4
Bedroom carpet from £23
Living/ Dining room carpet from £25
Mattress Cleaning from £16
Minimum call out charge for Carpet Cleaning £55

Unlocking Carpet Cleaning Excellence: Adaptable Methods for Different Carpets

There are so many different carpet fabrics on the market today. Yes, they all have different characteristics, suitable for different people. It is a fact that you cannot clean different fabrics with the same cleaning technique. This is because, the wrong approach/product may cause damage to the fabric of the carpet. Our professional cleaners are familiar with all cleaning methods and techniques. By professionally using them, they will efficiently remove all stains, dirt and grime, without harming the surface of the carpet and causing any damage or further discolouration.

  1. Natural fibres

    Carpets made of natural materials are great for everyone. They are durable, sustainable and most importantly – beautiful. They are a great way to improve the good looks of your entire home. These fabrics are durable and beautiful, however, they require a gentle approach. We will use a gentle approach, such as dry cleaning or spot treatment. That way, the shape and condition of your carpet will be preserved.

  2. Acrylic

    This fabric is close to wool, however, it can be treated with water and is also resistant to mould, mildew, moths and even water damage. These characteristics make it a perfect piece for bathrooms or low-traffic areas. It can be treated with a variety of cleaning methods, based on the condition of the surface, our cleaners will pick the most convenient technique that will result in immaculate results.

  3. Olefin fibres

    If you are looking for an easy to maintain carpet fabric for your outdoor areas (or even the rooms inside your house), choose Olefin. This fabric, also known as polypropylene, is a great carpet fabric, especially because it is resistant to mould, mildew, water damage, pilling and shedding. These features make the Olefin fabric is very easy to clean and maintain so rest assured that you are making a good decision when choosing it.

  4. Polyester

    One of the most common carpet fabrics. This is thanks to the polyester being easy to clean, water and stain resistant, as well as not susceptible to mould or mildew. Customer prefer this type of material because it is low-maintenance and comes in a wide variety of colours. You will certainly find something to your taste when it comes to carpets, and may rest assured that we will keep it clean.

Our Approach to Superior Carpet Cleaning Services

Our local cleaners utilise only high-quality tools and materials throughout the cleaning process. They are effective against all types of filth and grime and may be used on any carpet fabric. The strong steam, hoover and extraction devices we use will help us accomplish the exceptional final results we promise to achieve. The professional equipment will eliminate dirt and grime while not harming you or your loved ones. The products and methods we use are strong yet safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and harmless. They will assist us in turning your carpet into a clean, pristine part of the house and help us maintain the high quality of our work we are so proud of.

How to Book our Carpet Cleaning Service?

We wanted to make everything simple and easy for our customers. This is why we created a quick booking process which will only cost you a few minutes. You can schedule an appointment with us over the phone or via an email. Our customer support agents are available 7 days a week and will help you with the process. Do not hesitate to ask them about anything – they will tell you more about our work, help you select the most convenient service for your needs and provide you with a free price quote based on your individual cleaning project. Here are the steps you should follow to make a booking:

Our Methodical Carpet Cleaning Process

To ensure the high quality of our cleaning services, we follow a thorough process. The local cleaners will not miss any step and make sure that no stains or grime are left behind. Following this meticulous process is essential for the successful completion of our work. You may rest assured that no task will be overlooked throughout the process. Here is a list of the things we do:

  1. Inspection

    At the start of the cleaning procedure, our local cleaners will thoroughly evaluate the surface of your carpets. The fabric, the number and kind of stains, as well as the overall condition of your carpet can assist them in selecting the most convenient cleaning approach to obtain high-quality results while avoiding any damage to the fabric fibres.

  2. Stain treatment

    Depending on the nature of the stains on your carpet, our cleaners will use stain remover. They will carefully choose the product to guarantee that the stains are entirely removed and no traces of discolouration remain.

  3. Deep Cleaning

    The deep cleaning of your carpets (the cleaners will select steam or dry cleaning) will be performed, using high quality tools and machines. This process is essential for the complete elimination of all germs, bacteria, stains and bad odours.

  4. Moisture Extraction and Deodorising

    The excess moisture will be extracted from the surface of your carpets. Our cleaners will also deodorise the fabric, leaving it immaculate and refreshed.

  5. Final Inspection

    To ensure the high quality of the final results, we will inspect the surface of the carpet and ensure that no signs of discolouration are left behind.

Post-Cleaning Care Tips for Best Results

After you receive our local cleaning agency’s deep carpet cleaning service, there are certain steps to do. These will allow you to keep the surface clean for a longer period of time and avoid further discoloration. Always let your carpet dry completely before treading on it. Blot excess spills with a paper towel to prevent lasting stains. You’ll be able to lessen the chance of discoloration, damage, mould, and mildew.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my carpets take to dry?

Your carpets may take anywhere between 3 and 5 hours to completely dry. The amount of time required for the complete drying of the fabric may depend, based on the materials of your carpet, the cleaning methods we used and the air flow in the room. Our cleaning experts will extract the excess moisture to speed up the process, however, we recommend that you place fans in the room or keep the windows open.

Do you use any toxic chemicals that may be harmful to my family?

Absolutely not, all cleaning products and techniques we use are eco-friendly and non-toxic. They are extremely efficient against dirt and grime, however, they remain completely safe for you and your family members.

Can I clean my carpets alone?

It is not recommended that you attempt any cleaning on your own. If you are not familiar with cleaning products and techniques that are suitable for the fabric of your carpet, you may end up causing damage or further discolouration. However, you can treat minor spills and spots by blotting them away or using a special cleaning product which our cleaning experts will provide you with.

How often do I need to clean my carpets?

In order to maintain your carpets in their best condition, you should create a regular cleaning schedule and have your carpets deep cleaned once every 8-12 months. The frequency of those appointments may depend on your lifestyle, the presence of kids or pets, as well as the amount of foot traffic. Once our cleaners arrive on site and inspect your carpet, they will advise you on the perfect cleaning schedule for you.

How much do I have to pay?

The price for your cleaning service will be estimated based on the size of your carpets, as well as the cleaning methods we will use. You will receive an accurate price estimate over the phone.

Can I cancel my appointment?

We know that plans may change, especially nowadays when life is so busy. If you would like to reschedule or even cancel your appointment, all you have to do is give us a call and let us know in advance. 24 hours prior would be best, since we will have enough time to reschedule you with another cleaning team.

Exploring Our Coverage: We Serve in all London Areas

Get a free quote for our cleaning services here:

    Excellent Carpet Cleaners Somers Town

    If the carpets in your property are filled with food or drink stains and spills, need deep cleaning and refreshing, use our services. They ensure:

    • Effective and complete removal of stains, spillages and dirty patches
    • Deep sanitising of all kinds of carpets
    • Using powerful machines to kill allergens and bacteria
    • Fast drying of all wet carpets
    • Refreshing the carpets with deodorisers

    If the carpets in your home, rented flat, hotel or other property look darker and need thorough sanitising, use our services to restore their initial appearance. Our cleaning technicians have the required skills, experience, machines and products for sanitising which ensure excellent results. They check the condition and material of the carpet, move all items and pieces of furniture from it and test the chosen preparations and stain removers.

    “We have a dog and keeping our carpets clean isn’t very easy. Since we started to use the cleaning services of this agency our carpets are in great condition. The steam cleaning which the staff apply is very efficient and has long-lasting result.” – Oscar

    Steam Carpet Cleaning Somers Town

    Steam Carpet CleaningThe smudges, blemishes and dirty patches are pre-treated to be extracted easier. Our cleaning technicians apply steam cleaning on the carpets which disinfects the fabric in depth. They remove the moisture from the carpets and deodorise the whole carpet. Make an appointment with our cleaning technicians to provide the carpet cleaning which we offer in NW1 Somers Town at reasonable prices.

    You can count on our staff of experienced cleaning technicians to restore the spotless and hygienic state of the carpets in your domestic and business estate. Call us, use our booking form or e-mail to order the carpet cleaning which you need that we offer within Somers Town at affordable rates. You will be impressed by the results of our staff’s work.

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