Carpet Cleaning Kensington W8

Carpet CleanerFor enough years now, we work in the center of Kensington and we spend time at people’s homes, cleaning, and we know one thing for sure – carpets are important. They are one of the most visible things in any room. Kids, especially, like sitting on the carpet floor very much and sometimes even fall asleep there. That being said, we learned to clean carpets perfectly, and we want to share our experience with you.

We use absolutely harmless products and you can safely let your kid play on your carpet, as long as you call us to help you in keeping it perfectly clean. Just say when – and we will be there for you.

To restore the clean and spotless state of the carpets in your property you should provide steam cleaning on them. Our staff have the skills and knowledge to provide effective sanitising of carpets, made of all kinds of materials. They inspect the carpet and apply the necessary cleaning on site using high-end machines and the proper detergents.

Customers’ feedback about our cleaning service

“Booking this company when I needed carpet cleaning service was an amazing idea. The expert technician who did the service took the best care of any area of the carpet. All of the stains were completely gone and the best part is that I did not have to pay through my nose.- Odette”

“My husband wanted to surprise me so he booked a carpet cleaning service for me. Thanks to the hard work of the expert technicians who visited us, our carpet looked wonderful. What is even more, we did not have to provide the cleaning equipment as they brought their own.- Pat”

Use our affordable and reliable carpet cleaning services which we offer in Kensington W8 to maintain your valuable and expensive carpets. They ensure complete extraction of all allergens, dust, hairs, spills and smears. To get a free inspection and quote by any of our cleaners, contact us over the phone, by e-mail or online.

Price list of our Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services Price
Hallway/Landing carpet from £4
Bedroom carpet from £23
Living/ Dining room carpet from £25
Mattress Cleaning from £16
Minimum call out charge for Carpet Cleaning £55

Custom Cleaning Plans for Different Carpet Types

Depending on your specific needs, you can select a gorgeous, elegant, and sophisticated fabric, or a more practical one that is easy to keep and does not take much care. Each carpet type is distinct and needs various cleaning methods. Our local W8 cleaners are competent and expert in all cleaning methods, and they will use the most convenient cleaning materials to achieve great cleaning results while causing no harm to the fabric fibres. Nowadays, a number of carpet fabrics which are available to everyone’s taste. Here is a guide to some details about each carpet type:

  1. Natural fibres

    We will use gentle cleaning products and techniques to ensure the cleanliness of these fabrics without harming them. Top protect the softness, integrity and beauty of wool, cotton or rattan carpets, we will use dry cleaning (with a gentle cleaning product) or just spot treatment, which will eliminate stains and grime without harming the surface of your carpet.

  2. Acrylic

    Acrylic fabric is an excellent alternative to wool. It costs less and has a comparable look. However, it also possesses water, mildew, and soil resistant properties. It’s ideal for bathroom rugs, low-traffic areas, and bedroom carpets. Most cleaning procedures are effective for this sort of carpet; however, our local cleaners will select the best one based on the colours and condition of the fabric. We will achieve amazing results without harming the surface of the carpet.

  3. Olefin fibres

    Olefin fabric is perfect for your outdoor areas. This fabric, also known as polypropylene is extremely easy to maintain and clean. This is mainly because of its properties to resist water, mould and mildew, stains, pilling and fading. These unique features make it a great choice both for your outdoor, but also for your indoor areas.

  4. Polyester

    This is the most commonly used carpet fabric. It is so popular mainly because of its stain-resistant properties. They are also moist resistant and will not be damaged by mould or mildew. This type of fabric is easy to clean and is perfect for your home if you have a big family and not so much time to clean. The best part is that these carpets come in an abundance of colours and patterns that can fit everyone’s taste.

Transforming Carpets with Our Expert Cleaning Techniques

Our years of expertise make a significant impact on the quality of our work, however, there are other factors which help us ensure it. We acknowledge that we owe the majority of our success to our employees. We deal with some of the greatest specialists and provide them with the latest tools and products. They employ high-quality equipment, including powerful vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners. We would like to mention that the solutions and techniques they use are powerful and effective against filth and grime while being environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe your loved ones at home.

How to Book our Carpet Cleaning Service?

We wanted to make everything simple and easy for our customers. This is why we created a quick booking process which will only cost you a few minutes. You can schedule an appointment with us over the phone or via an email. Our customer support agents are available 7 days a week and will help you with the process. Do not hesitate to ask them about anything – they will tell you more about our work, help you select the most convenient service for your needs and provide you with a free price quote based on your individual cleaning project. Here are the steps you should follow to make a booking:

Our Precise Carpet Cleaning Process

We make sure that our local cleaners follow a meticulous cleaning process. That way, we ensure the high quality of our procedures. Our cleaning experts will complete every step with care and attention to details, making sure that nothing is overlooked. Here is what to expect:

  1. Inspection

    By thoroughly inspecting your carpet, our local cleaners will get a better understanding of its fabric, condition and the specific stains on the material. This will help them select the most convenient cleaning products and approach for your situation. That will help them achieve exceptional results.

  2. Stain treatment

    Based on the origins of the stains on your carpet, our cleaners will apply stain remover. They will carefully select the product to ensure that the stains are completely dissolved and no signs of discolouration are left behind.

  3. Deep Cleaning

    Your carpets will be deep cleaned cleaned with care and attention to detail. Our local cleaners will use powerful, professional machinery to steam or dry clean your carpet (depending on the fabric and condition).

  4. Moisture Extraction and Deodorising

    Our cleaners will extract most of the moisture (if any was used) and deodorise the surface of your carpet. This will help speed up the drying process and leave your carpets fresh and immaculate.

  5. Final Inspection

    To ensure the high quality of the final results, we will inspect the surface of the carpet and ensure that no signs of discolouration are left behind.

Key Tips for Effective Post-Cleaning Care

There are certain things you should do after the deep carpet cleaning service you receive from our local cleaning agency in Kensington, W8. Those will help you maintain the cleanliness of the surface for longer and help prevent discolouration in the future. Always let your carpet fully dry before walking on it. Whenever a spill occurs, blot away the excess with a paper towel – this will prevent a stain from becoming permanent. You will be able to reduce the chances of discolouration, damage, mould and mildew.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my carpets take to dry?

Your carpets may take anywhere between 3 and 5 hours to completely dry. The amount of time required for the complete drying of the fabric may depend, based on the materials of your carpet, the cleaning methods we used and the air flow in the room. Our cleaning experts will extract the excess moisture to speed up the process, however, we recommend that you place fans in the room or keep the windows open.

Do you use any toxic chemicals that may be harmful to my family?

Absolutely not, all cleaning products and techniques we use are eco-friendly and non-toxic. They are extremely efficient against dirt and grime, however, they remain completely safe for you and your family members.

Can I clean my carpets alone?

It is not recommended that you attempt any cleaning on your own. If you are not familiar with cleaning products and techniques that are suitable for the fabric of your carpet, you may end up causing damage or further discolouration. However, you can treat minor spills and spots by blotting them away or using a special cleaning product which our cleaning experts will provide you with.

How often do I need to clean my carpets?

In order to maintain your carpets in their best condition, you should create a regular cleaning schedule and have your carpets deep cleaned once every 8-12 months. The frequency of those appointments may depend on your lifestyle, the presence of kids or pets, as well as the amount of foot traffic. Once our cleaners arrive on site and inspect your carpet, they will advise you on the perfect cleaning schedule for you.

How much do I have to pay?

The price for your cleaning service will be estimated based on the size of your carpets, as well as the cleaning methods we will use. You will receive an accurate price estimate over the phone.

Can I cancel my appointment?

We know that plans may change, especially nowadays when life is so busy. If you would like to reschedule or even cancel your appointment, all you have to do is give us a call and let us know in advance. 24 hours prior would be best, since we will have enough time to reschedule you with another cleaning team.

Exploring Our Coverage: We Serve in all London Areas

Get a free quote for our cleaning services here:

    Excellent Carpet Cleaning Kensington

    Our carpet cleaning services are implemented on place with professional equipment of machines and products for sanitising. They can involve:

    • Moving of furniture and items from the carpet
    • Inspection and pre-testing of the chosen preparations and sprays
    • Hoovering the carpet
    • Spraying stained areas and dirty patches
    • Steam cleaning
    • Deodorising

    If the carpets in your home, rented property, office or hotel have become darker and need deeper cleaning, use our services to achieve best results. Our staff use special equipment for cleaning carpets on stairs. They test the cleaning preparations and spays which they plan to use on a small area to make sure they are the most appropriate and won’t damage the carpet fabric.

    “I wanted to express my opinion about this team which is more than positive. They perform excellent carpet cleaning that everybody should try.” – Tim

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Kensington

    Carpet CleanerOur cleaning technicians provide hoovering, spraying of the stained and high traffic areas. They apply hot water extraction which ensures in depth extraction of all allergens and contaminants. Our staff use advanced machines which work with pressurized water and mild cleaning solution that disinfect the carpets in depth. Take advantage of the professional carpet cleaning services which we offer to the Kensington residents.

    After completing the cleaning procedures, removing the stains and spills from the carpet, our cleaners deodorise it. This ensures deep cleaned and refreshed carpet fabric which can be used long time before it gets soiled. We offer excellent carpet cleaning in W8 which ensures the longer lifespan of the carpets and their pristine condition.

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