Carpet Cleaning Catford SE6

Domestic Carpet CleaningYour carpets are faded, dusty and stained and you want to give them nice detailed clean? Now is the perfect time to book an appointment with our carpet cleaning company in Catford SE6. We are honest and trustworthy, offer great rates and amazing customer service and are always there in a time convenient for you.

Our cleaners use only environmentally friendly chemicals and the most effective cleaning techniques to make sure your carpets are always sparling and fresh. Remember – our company is the number one source of professional and efficient cleaning in the area. Don’t think twice. Choose us if you need your carpets to be restored to their initial state.

Price list of our Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services Price
Hallway/Landing carpet from £4
Bedroom carpet from £23
Living/ Dining room carpet from £25
Mattress Cleaning from £16
Minimum call out charge for Carpet Cleaning £55

Custom Cleaning Plans for Different Carpet Types

Depending on your specific needs, you can select a gorgeous, elegant, and sophisticated fabric, or a more practical one that is easy to keep and does not take much care. Each carpet type is distinct and needs various cleaning methods. Our local SE6 cleaners are competent and expert in all cleaning methods, and they will use the most convenient cleaning materials to achieve great cleaning results while causing no harm to the fabric fibres. Nowadays, a number of carpet fabrics which are available to everyone’s taste. Here is a guide to some details about each carpet type:

  1. Natural fibres

    We will use gentle cleaning products and techniques to ensure the cleanliness of these fabrics without harming them. Top protect the softness, integrity and beauty of wool, cotton or rattan carpets, we will use dry cleaning (with a gentle cleaning product) or just spot treatment, which will eliminate stains and grime without harming the surface of your carpet.

  2. Acrylic

    This fabric is close to wool, however, it can be treated with water and is also resistant to mould, mildew, moths and even water damage. These characteristics make it a perfect piece for bathrooms or low-traffic areas. It can be treated with a variety of cleaning methods, based on the condition of the surface, our cleaners will pick the most convenient technique that will result in immaculate results.

  3. Olefin fibres

    If you want an easy-to-maintain carpet fabric for your outdoor spaces (or even the rooms within your home), Olefin is a great option. This fabric, also known as polypropylene, makes an excellent carpet material since it is resistant to mould, mildew, water damage, pilling, and shedding. These properties make the Olefin fabric exceptionally easy to clean and maintain, so you can be confident that you’re making the right choice.

  4. Polyester

    Undoubtedly one of the most common carpet fabrics. This is mainly because polyester carpets come in many different colours and patterns, suitable for everyone’s taste. What is more, this type of carpet is stain and moisture resistant which makes them easy to maintain and even easier to clean. This is a suitable material for all areas of the home or office.

Exceptional Carpet Clean Assured: Our Approach to Cleaning Services

We always do our best to provide each customer with high quality results. We work with the best cleaning professionals and make sure we provide them with the best equipment. Our local cleaners will work with powerful cleaning products suitable for all carpets, as well as efficiently cleaning machines of all kinds. We provide them with steam cleaning machines, dry cleaning ones, powerful vacuum cleaners, spot treating solutions, and other tool and products. These are extremely efficient against dirt and grime but remain non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe for everyone in the house.

How to Book our Carpet Cleaning Service?

We wanted to make everything simple and easy for our customers. This is why we created a quick booking process which will only cost you a few minutes. You can schedule an appointment with us over the phone or via an email. Our customer support agents are available 7 days a week and will help you with the process. Do not hesitate to ask them about anything – they will tell you more about our work, help you select the most convenient service for your needs and provide you with a free price quote based on your individual cleaning project. Here are the steps you should follow to make a booking:

Our Methodical Carpet Cleaning Process

To ensure the high quality of our cleaning services, we follow a thorough process. The local cleaners will not miss any step and make sure that no stains or grime are left behind. Following this meticulous process is essential for the successful completion of our work. You may rest assured that no task will be overlooked throughout the process. Here is a list of the things we do:

  1. Inspection

    The fabric, condition, and number and type of the stains will assist our cleaning specialists in determining the most convenient cleaning method for the situation at hand. They will thoroughly check the surface and, depending on the information gathered, choose the most convenient cleaning approach.

  2. Stain treatment

    To guarantee that all stains have been removed from the surface of your carpet, we will use a product specifically formulated for their origin. This solution will help dissolve them, helping us achieve efficient removal during the deep cleaning process.

  3. Deep Cleaning

    The actual deep cleaning of the carpet is next. We will use the most convenient method for your carpet fabric (steam or dry cleaning). Our cleaners will use professional machines and carefully treat the surface, achieving exceptional final results.

  4. Moisture Extraction and Deodorising

    The surface of your carpets will be treated with a moisture extractor. This will help speed up the drying process. We will also deodorise the fabric.

  5. Final Inspection

    We will inspect the carpet at the end of the service to ensure that no dirt or grime are left on its surface.

Key Tips for Effective Post-Cleaning Care

There are certain things you should do after the deep carpet cleaning service you receive from our local cleaning agency in Catford, SE6. Those will help you maintain the cleanliness of the surface for longer and help prevent discolouration in the future. Always let your carpet fully dry before walking on it. Whenever a spill occurs, blot away the excess with a paper towel – this will prevent a stain from becoming permanent. You will be able to reduce the chances of discolouration, damage, mould and mildew.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my carpets take to dry?

Your carpets may take anywhere between 3 and 5 hours to completely dry. The amount of time required for the complete drying of the fabric may depend, based on the materials of your carpet, the cleaning methods we used and the air flow in the room. Our cleaning experts will extract the excess moisture to speed up the process, however, we recommend that you place fans in the room or keep the windows open.

Do you use any toxic chemicals that may be harmful to my family?

Absolutely not, all cleaning products and techniques we use are eco-friendly and non-toxic. They are extremely efficient against dirt and grime, however, they remain completely safe for you and your family members.

Can I clean my carpets alone?

It is not recommended that you attempt any cleaning on your own. If you are not familiar with cleaning products and techniques that are suitable for the fabric of your carpet, you may end up causing damage or further discolouration. However, you can treat minor spills and spots by blotting them away or using a special cleaning product which our cleaning experts will provide you with.

How often do I need to clean my carpets?

In order to maintain your carpets in their best condition, you should create a regular cleaning schedule and have your carpets deep cleaned once every 8-12 months. The frequency of those appointments may depend on your lifestyle, the presence of kids or pets, as well as the amount of foot traffic. Once our cleaners arrive on site and inspect your carpet, they will advise you on the perfect cleaning schedule for you.

How much do I have to pay?

The price for your cleaning service will be estimated based on the size of your carpets, as well as the cleaning methods we will use. You will receive an accurate price estimate over the phone.

Can I cancel my appointment?

We know that plans may change, especially nowadays when life is so busy. If you would like to reschedule or even cancel your appointment, all you have to do is give us a call and let us know in advance. 24 hours prior would be best, since we will have enough time to reschedule you with another cleaning team.

Exploring Our Coverage: We Serve in all London Areas

Get a free quote for our cleaning services here:

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Catford

    Before you consider replacing your old dirty carpet, call us first! We are the most reliable carpet cleaning contractor in Catford and as such are very dedicated to high-quality service and our customers’ complete satisfaction.

    Our company’s carpet cleaning service includes:

    • Reliable, dedicated and experienced cleaners
    • The best rates on the market
    • Only “green” chemicals and solutions
    • Personalised cleaning
    • Hot water extraction/ Dry cleaning
    • Free quotes

    Our company provides the best carpet cleaning you could possibly want. All of our cleaners are carefully selected experts, trained to remove a wide range of stains from all types of carpeting. They use only solutions classified as “green” to avoid harming your pets or child. An initial inspection for stain identification as well as pre-vacuming are included in the price of our service.

    Customers’ feedback about our cleaning service

    My carpet was sanitised in depth and made to look like brand new by the cleaning technicians who work in this company. They applied steam cleaning using powerful machines and effective stain removers. The price of the service was affordable.” – Kyle

    “Bring it on! These carpet cleaning company is not afraid to get its hands dirty! With their cleaning method I don’t think there’s a problem they can’t solve. My carpet was in such a pithiful condition I was almost embarrassed to hand it over but they are a team of such considerate and approachable people! The best service I’ve ever had and the most thorough cleaning my carpet has ever experienced. I’m very satisfied with the results! – Mavis”

    “Proficiency galore! Suit yourself, people, it’s a gold mine! If you love your carpet, you have to give it the best treatment. And these people can deliver quality. I had this big beautiful old carpet that is more like a piece of art. It’s very fine fabric so I wouldn’t try to work on it myself. I’m grateful for the impeccable and diligent work of your cleaners. The results are astounding! – Helene”

    Don’t toil over your carpet any more! Contact our carpet cleaning company in Catford and we’ll get that burden off your shoulders! Results are guaranteed because our professional cleaners are trained to the highest standards for the job!

    We’re sure you have a better job to do so trust us. We offer various affordable packages to answer the individual needs of each one of you. We’ll get rid of the stains and bacteria of your carpet because we care! We care to give you the carpet you deserve. Every home needs its carpet. Trust us and we’ll take good care of yours!

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Catford

    Carpet CleanerThanks to the professional equipment they use, our cleaners’ hot water extraction method is highly efficient in removing a great variety of spots. This technique involves preconditioning of the stained surface with safe and family-friendly solutions, light agitating, grooming with a soft brush and rinsing. Finally your carpet is dried sufficiently and quickly.

    Not all stains and dirt can be removed by hot water extraction. In such cases we apply the dry cleaning method. Dry chemicals are placed on your carpet to dissolve grime – it takes less time, but is as efficient. Finally when done, our cleaners will deodorise your carpets so a fresh smell will linger in your home for days.

    Don’t waste your money on a new carpet! Just book our carpet cleaning service in SE6 and your carpets will once again look brand new!

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