Removals Services London

removals-services1We are positive that you remember at least one occasion when you were supposed to carry bulky or heavy items and you had to make several trips because your vehicle couldn’t fit all the stuff.

Entrust us and we guarantee that there won’t be any accidents and misunderstandings. We will do the job on your behalf and the best of all is that we will take your personal schedule into consideration. There is nothing special you have to do. Just get in touch with us at we will handle the rest.

Hourly Based Service Price
Removals Services £24 £21
One Off Cleaning £13 £12
Deep Cleaning £15 £14


Feel free to contact us whenever you are:

  • moving house
  • moving a single room
  • office removals
  • parcels deliveries
  • student moves

We have spacious vehicles capable of fitting various goods – furnitures, office equipment, beds, wardrobes. Main Cleaners can be your reliable assistant when you have to move to another city or district. We can pick up your order from the hardware store and deliver it to your front door. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to move a single room or an entire house.

We provide servicesremovals-services for private houses and large companies. Rest assured that booking with us means that we will take all the responsibilities and pack your fragile items if necessary.

The experienced technicians we employ are certified, qualified and prepared to exceed your expectations. They can handle your fragile items and deliver it to the new location without any damages. The price rates we maintain are kept in the reasonable range.

Apart from the affordability, our removals services go hand in hand with friendly attitude and flexibility.

The fastest way to get your possessions delivered is booking for the removals services we provide in all London areas. The call centre supporters are available seven days a week, round the clock for your convenience. We also have a team of technicians prepared to come and help you whenever you need some assistance.